miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2007

Webmail - Unlimited Storage in Yahoo

News on 27 March 2007 announced the unlimited storage capacity of Yahoo. Today I was welcomed by the following screen when I was logging in it.

Well, it seems it is happening for sure. Despite this big upgrade, the attachment sizes are still limited to 10MB for free accounts. I am wondering if it will bother a general user? 10MB is somewhat small when you talk about unlimited storage space. If you are compled to make maximum use of it there are software like HJsplit , a small and free software that allows you to cut a big file into small parts which can be sent as attachments in separate emails. But one needs to take considerable amount of time to send gigabytes of data with a free account.
One biggest disadvantage these email services have is that you have to log in frequently. They erase all of the emails if you fail to log in for some specified time depending upon the provider. In the long run, it's nice that "unlimited space" is available, but common users like myself wouldn't be able to make much use of the available space. I've had gmail for well over a year and have barely scratched the surface of my available space and I've made strides to fill it up. I have all sorts of backed up data in there. I don't know what I will do with the unlimited space!
If you want to compare different offers other email providers have visit thisnice comparision of web based emails in wikipedia website.
If you think Yahoo is the only one to offer unlimited space and create all these hypes then you are wrong. rediff one of India's largest email service provider has started offering unlimited storage some time back and aol is offering such service since August 2006 (Please comment if there are any others too).

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