martes, 29 de mayo de 2007

Piano playing kids

Couldn't help laughing at this child playing piano!!

YouTube link
And this is another sweet kid, playing piano for real.

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6 comentarios:

  1. hi lorla, I like so much the second clip. in the first there's an obvious fiction, while in the second clip there's the raw and pure creativity


  2. I was so scared the kid on the top one was going to choke on the sucker...the second one was brilliant!!

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  4. Hi Lorla :) LOL I loved both of these clips - each for their own unique individuality.

    The first one's parent/s obviously have a great sense of humor. When that lollipop came out in her hand I couldn't stop laughing. :D That second one was also quite hilarious because this little boy is playing, then stops and looks back as if to say, "Well? was I good?" and then the father or whoever says something and then the baby REALLY gets into his playing then! LOL

    Thanks to you now I'll have to put the second one on my favorite videos page. ;)

    Take care and your blog is very good. Something for everybody's interest.

  5. Thanks badthing for the illustration!