miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2007

Car seat saved a kid in plane crash

Three-year-old, Kate was lucky enough to survive a plane crash near Golden, B.C. all because her grandfather, who died flying the aircraft, had carefully strapped her into a child's car seat.

Rescue crews found the upside-down plane on the edge of an icy riverbank with its nose buried in snow. Kate had been hanging by her seat's straps for about five hours, with minor injuries.
She didn't want to leave the plane without her stuffed penguin, but was concerned when she saw it was covered in snow. "We picked it up and I handed it to her, but she said, 'No, no, I don't want it, snow,'" said Sat. Scott Ellison of the 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron. "I had to brush it off before she would take it. Then she was happy and clung to it."
She was first taken to the Alberta Children Hospital in Calgary for treatment and later transported to Edmonton to be reunited with her family on October 29, 2007.

Williams, the CEO and founder of an engineering firm, had traveled to B.C. for a business retreat with the company's chief financial officer, Steven T. Sutton, who was also killed in the accident. (ctv)

A picture taken in 2006 shows shows the girl, Kate Williams, smiling broadly in a toy car with her grandfather, Allen D. Williams. (CP / Nancy and Sheldon Williams)

Car seats DO save lives!!





lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

Deal of a Lifetime - Offering Cash Back to Home Buyer

The housing market may be hot on its Northern neighbor but US housing market is not so favorable. A Pittsburgh-area couple, Bob and Ricki Husick have been trying to sell their home for almost a year without any luck. Now they are offering anyone who buys their home full cash-back upon their death and even their full inheritance, currently worth at least $500,000.
Bob Husick said he's asking $399,900 for the four-bedroom, three and a half bath home about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. According to the Husicks' offer, the buyer would get the money back when the couple dies. And if the buyer agrees to care for them in old age, they could also inherit their retirement home in Arizona, bringing the estate's current value to about $500,000. (CBS)
I wish somebody offer such a deal in Canada!


jueves, 25 de octubre de 2007

Swing keeps on rocking in a playground

Looks like there is something strange going on in this playground. A swing goes on rocking without being touched. The parents in the locality have decided that the playground must be haunted.

Police in north-eastern town of Firmat, Argentina, were worried enough to call in physics professors - but they too were unable to explain the mystery motions. It is told that the swing kept on moving continuously for 10 days and stopped moving after that.

When you play the video below at first you will just think it is due to the brisk wind but later it starts swinging more and more without any apparent reason. This is weird... see for yourselves.

Here is another video in which a girl stopped the swing to see what will happen and the swing didn't stop rocking.


A man rescued a couple from fire and was arrested

A man rescued an elderly couple from their burning home. For his heroic act he was arrested soon after the rescue, released on bail, and is scheduled to be in court on Nov. 20. He is charged with assault and resisting detention.

Steven Rivers said that he was sitting on his Walker Street porch at about 2:30 a.m. Monday when he saw flames shooting from the house across the street. He rushed into the building, guiding an elderly couple on the second floor to safety.
"I actually went in there twice," Rivers said. "There was an elderly man and an elderly woman who lived up there, and I came out there and helped them get out and was glad that they're all right." (wmur)
It is told that Rivers refused medical attention when he came out of the burning building. He then walked across the street and passed out. Officials still believe his action was heroic. I hope the court thinks so.



Fabricated Excuse - Excused Absence Network

It is not fair!
This business publicly sells fake excuse notes for students and employees from doctor, jury etc. to make a fool of the employer and take some day off.

Create your own fun excuse notes. Fully customizable Doctors Notes, Funeral Notes, Jury Duty Notes, Emergency Room Notes and more.
Though the company's disclaimer advises the notes are "for entertainment purposes only," its Web site shows pictures of people sunbathing and playing golf using the fabricated excuses. One testimonial says: "I've managed to take the nine weeks off using these templates! It couldn't be any easier!" (cbsnews)
Making fool of others to gain something is not an ethical practice and I believe such a business should be made "illegal". If they are running a business of making excuse notes and if the employer finds out about the fake notes they should be held responsible for the consequences.
What do you think?



lunes, 22 de octubre de 2007

Seniors told to play Video Games

Games are for kids! That was what I am told and you are not supposed to stick to a GameBoy when you grow-up.

But hey, Malaysian Health Ministry Secretary Datuk Lee Kah Choon looks like he enjoys video games himself (I hope he is a grown man) and he is paving his way in playing video games without being reticulated upon. He has advised senior citizens to take up video games as a way to help fend off Alzheimer's disease.
"Senior citizens should engage in mental activities," he said. "A good way is to use the PS3 or play other computer or video games, as it would help to keep them alert."
When senior citizens start playing games and don't move off their chairs, it would surely be a relief for caregivers too.

I do believe keeping them alert and engage in mental activities sounds great but don't they need a bit of exercise too. I hope somebody will create some games for the senior citizens that involves physical as well as mental activities so they can remain healthy for long time. (news: source)

May be someday somebody will tell Barney theme song mp3 will help seniors to tune up their mental health too!


martes, 16 de octubre de 2007

Most stolen book ?

I have heard of most popular book or best-seller book but never before heard of the "most stolen book".
The Frankfurt Book Fair has an indicator to help publishers gauge public interest in the new offerings presented at the annual exhibition -- the unofficial "most stolen book" index.

Bild am Sonntag and Germany's ZDF television have come up with lists of titles most stolen from 15 leading German publishers' stands set up in the Frankfurt trade fair grounds.(Reuters)

Claudia Hanssen of the Goldmann Verlag publishing house told Bild am Sonntag newspaper, which published a list of the 10 most stolen German-language books this year that the most-stolen books are usually the best-sellers later on. Most-stolen ones are usually most-popular too.

Yea, we have another rating to help in choosing which book to go for!


jueves, 11 de octubre de 2007

Stole bible, got another after being sentenced

This guy is a thief, but a religious one I guess. He wanted to replace his old bible and landed in a jail.
The Singaporean man got four months in jail for stealing the Bible. The district judge Bala Reddy however presented a new Bible to the 26-year-old thief, who said he had tried to steal the book from a bookshop last month because he wanted to replace his old, tattered copy.

"You will see at page 65 that it says "Thou shalt not steal. While you are in prison, sit in prison and read the Bible, and ensure that you don't come before the courts again," Reddy said.(Reuters)


sábado, 6 de octubre de 2007

Most pampered dog in the world

Conchita is now gearing up for US TV chat show appearances and she once actually choked on her own Cartier necklace.

Conchita's owner, socialite Gail Posner, a daughter of a billionaire businessman spends £7,000 a month on Louis Vuitton bags, bikinis, pearls, dresses and make-up for her. It is also told that the dog refuses to go to bed until she is wearing either her blue or pink cashmere sweater. Conchita is now gearing up for a US TV chat show appearance. (Read more in Metro)



Japan: Watch movie for free - if you don't like it

Most of the retailers these days offer "No question asked" return policies. A Hiroshima movie theater is trying out similar concept for movie goers - ?If you didn?t like it, don?t pay?. It is a bit weird and I don't think it is same as the return policy.
Cinema Mode are expecting customers who felt satisfied with the movie to pay 1000 yen or more, those who thought it was so-so around 800 yen and those who were not satisfied 500 yen or less - even not paying a single yen, if you thought the movie was a complete waste of time. The project is however rather small-scale: it will only be carried out once every second month, if the debut screenings go well. (JNR)
It sure is a step towards consumerism and I hope it will be a success and others follow similar concepts too.

The new concept will be tried out on Oct. 13 and 16. They however show only movies they haven?t screened before and sorry, no plans to offer the blockbusters for free.


lunes, 1 de octubre de 2007

Grandmother Gives Birth To Her Own Grandchildren

Thanks to the medical advancement, a 51-year-old surrogate mother for her daughter has given birth to her own twin grandchildren in northeastern Brazil.

It was the Brazilian law that only allows close relatives to serve as surrogate mothers, Serrao, the grandmother had to receive four embryos from her daughter. Although the cousins of the biological mother could have legally serve as surrogate mothers, all of them refused. The photo below shows Claudia Michelle (on left) looking at her twins Victor Gabriel and Antonio Bento as her mother Rosinete Palmeira Serrao rests in a bed at the Santa Joana hospital in Recife, Brazil on September 27th.

Rosinete Palmeira Serrao, a government health worker, gave birth to twin boys by Caesarean section on Thursday at the Santa Joana Hospital in the city of Recife, the hospital said in a statement on its Web site.

Hospital officials were not available for comment on Sunday, but press reports said the grandmother and twins were discharged on Saturday in excellent health. The Caesarean section was performed about two weeks ahead of time because Serrao was having trouble sleeping, the statement said.

Serrao decided to serve as a surrogate mother after four years of failed attempts at pregnancy by her 27-year-old daughter, Claudia Michelle de Brito. (cbs news )

Update: A Tokyo newspaper reported on August 21, 2008 that a 61-year-old Japanese woman has given birth to her own granddaughter after being implanted with a fertilized egg from her daughter.

The 61-year-old is believed to be the oldest surrogate mother in Japan.