sábado, 5 de mayo de 2007

Climate Change

Many natural disasters in the current time can be attributed to the climate change and global warming. The term "global warming" might be technically correct but I can't really care about global "warming" when the temperature outside is -30 degrees Celsius. "Climate Change" is a better way to talk about the the global climate crisis. I think "climate crisis", or "climate chaos" might convey better meaning on what the earth is experiencing.

I came across a nice online channel creating awareness in climate change and in making the world a better place. It has a nice collection of videos on news, views, energy policies, and recent efforts in creating awareness and contributions in minimizing climate related problems.

I watched a video on the official launch of the "greenest city in
America" contest. A fleet of Yahoo sponsored hybrid taxis were to be given the the winner city to create awareness on the issues of climate change. The contest will be helpful in generating a sense of responsibility in an individual or an organization to deal with deteriorating environment. Carbon emission from vehicles may be a small portion of the greenhouse gases as compared to forest fires and industrial emission but it sure is the best way to create awareness among individuals. These are the same people who can control other sources of other greenhouse gases.

The desire and motivation to be more climate friendly is also dictated by cost factor. As of current, the hybrid and energy efficient technology are costlier than the conventional technology. To bridge this imbalance, policy level changes should be enforced to motivate individual users to use environment friendly technology.

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