miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2007

US Military says YOU SUCK

I don't like talking about politics. That doesn't fall in any of my interest but still I enjoy reading news. Well, this post is not really a political writing it is rather about internet and its freedom.

I was always told that US is the most democratic country in the world and they enjoy the ultimate freedom. Today there was a news about US Military Blocking Web site Access to its soldiers with funny reasons to back up the ban.

Commander Jeffrey Gordon, spokesman for the Department of Defense, pointed out that the regulation is intended primarily to prevent military Internet connections from being clogged with uploads or downloads of data-rich files such as video clips. The ban is also meant to guard against infiltration by malicious or spying software hidden in files created by hackers.
Gordon says that the bottom line is bandwidth, which is the most important consideration. They have to make sure the network is reliable. Restrictions were imposed on MySpace, YouTube, and other Web sites after a usage study showed they were the most visited by soldiers.
Hey, US doesn't have sufficient bandwidth for its military! What about other countries?
Banned websites include video-sharing sites - YouTube, Metacafe, iFilm, StupidVideos, and FileCabi; social networking sites - MySpace, BlackPlanet, and Hi5; music sites - Pandora, MTV, 1.fm, and Live365; and the photo-sharing site, Photobucket. We have to be aware of the malicious or spying software hidden in files too!

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