sábado, 5 de mayo de 2007

A Noble Mission

Youth are the pillar of society and these pillars are being crumbled by drugs, alcohol and gang-culture. Boat Angel Outreach Centers are established around the world to help these mis-guided youth to guide them to the right path.

According to Rev. David Crawford, 5,000 people sleep on the streets in the Los Angeles area and they are vulnerable to various negative influences like drugs, alcohol etc. Boat Angel Outreach Centers help the these people to get a better life.

Youths go through a one year Bible School & Ministry Training program and multiple daily services. The school program inclues running three miles six day a week, attend high school and Bible School, and two to three hours of church and worship services daily. In addition to the two to three hours of church and worship services daily they are taught choreography to reach out with hip-hop and break dancing. Every summer these youth go on the road on outreaches across the United States.

In Wikieup, AZ, they have acquired a land and plans have been drawn up to construct a permanent 5,000 square foot building with an estimated cost of $200,000 which will be a sanctuary for misleaded youths in the society.

Boat Angel Outreach Centers are run by the help of generous people who donate used cars, boats, boat houses etc. Car Donations and other donations will help the Outreach Centers to achieve the noble goal to help those who can't help themselves.

If you want be of some help in this great work you can send your check to:
1745 N. Ashbrook Circle, Mesa AZ 85213
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