sábado, 5 de mayo de 2007

Accoona: Aiming High

After three years of development and refinement of its tool, Accoona Corp., a pioneer in artificial intelligence search technology, is finally going public.

A venture in a internet search business in not an easy task. When key players like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask are competing among themselves to get higher chunk in their share of 90% search world, new players need to come with somthing exceptionally better. It is to be seen if Accoona can capture some big chunks in the huge market.

Some of Accoona's main strengths lie in the partnerships with European and Chinese markets since its creation in February 2004. Its big business index comprising of some 13 million North American, 18 million European and 11 million Chinese businesses can also be considered a big asset. Accoona has also developed a unique, online-based lead generation business model called Exchange Place, where advertisers can acquire real-time, qualified and verified consumer leads through a competitive bidding process.

It would certainly be a good thing if we have much better choices around when we need to find something in the vast cyberspace. Good luck to Accoona!

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