jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

Application for the post in your vacant heart

Oh what a love letter. I got this letter in my inbox from somebody I don't know.
Date: 14th February, 2008
To My Beloved
Subject: Application for the post in your vacant heart

Sweetheart ? ? ? ?,
According to some of my reliable sources, I came to know that there is a vacancy for the post in the central core of your heart and I would like apply for the same.

I?m not as handsome as Brand Pitt. And not as popular as Paul Mccarthy. I even don?t have blue eyes like Hritiq Roshan, but above all, I?ve a soft and creamy heart which only knows to express these words for you, ?I love you?.

As for my experience I?ve loved you since my embryonic stage. You are not only my heart, but all the pacemaker of my heart . I love you, do care from all the four chambers of my heart. When I see you or hear your voice, my voluntary and in voluntary muscles get relaxed, specially my cilliary and cardiac muscles. We are like the symbiotic association between algae and fungi because we both need each other and cannot survive without each other. Our love is the perfect example of the third law of Newton. You act as a catalyst in my life. Little bit of your voice, your sight, and your love and happiness in my life. You are a beautiful phenotype with a perfect genotype.

I know I can bring stars from heaven to you. But if you ask for it, then I wouldn?t because I?ve a great fear of losing you while I?m on my way. I can die for you but if you ask me to die, then I will not because if I die then who will love you?

I hope all my experiences and qualifications will be enough to achieve the post. I?m the right and most qualified person to hold that post. I assure you that I will do my best to satisfy all you expectations.

I look forward to hearing soon from you.
Sincerely your
Vanished Horizon

I wish it were a real love letter to me. :)

What rose and other flowers say about you

Not everybody but some might be preety choosy in receiving the flower in this Valentine Day. If your special someone is literate about "meaning of flowers," you might be surprised in the way you receive the reaction. Here are some of the meanings of different flowers you might stumble upon.
1. Roses - Love
2. Orchids - A belle
3. Iris - My compliments
4. Daisies - Innocence
5. Tulips - Declaration of love
6. Calla Lily - Beauty
7. Amaryllis - Splendid beauty
8. Hydrangea - Heartfelt
9. Anthurium - Hospitality
10. Daffodils - Chivalry
11. Chrysanthemums - Fidelity
12. Carnations - Pride and beauty
13. Lilacs - Youthful innocence
14. Birds of Paradise - Joyfulness
15. Tiger Lily - Wealth, pride
16. Peony - Bashful
17. Anemone - Anticipation
18. Sunflowers - Pure thoughts
19. Aster - Patience
20. Gladiolus - Strength of character
Rose is the king (or is it queen?) of flower. Picking any rose doesn't always mean you are conveying the right message. Here are some of the secret meanings of different types of roses:
1. Red Roses - Love and romance
2. Black Roses - Vengeance
3. Blue Roses - Mystery and intrigue
4. Pink Roses - Gratitude and appreciation
5. Purple Roses - Love at first sight
6. White Roses - Innocence and purity
7. Green Roses - Fertility
8. Yellow Roses - Joy and friendship
9. Lavender Roses - Enchantment
10. Orange Roses - Enthusiasm, passion



domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008

Funny Valentine

Who says you need to be serious on a Valentine Day! You can send funny cards and stuffs to your valentine on the special day. I found this little mathematical equation for you graphing calculator.

r = a(1 - cos(theta)) =>Plot that on your TI-89.

That was mitadmissions.org/topics/life/student_life_culture/my_funny_valentine.shtml" target="_blank bryan's idea. He has a nice and funny Valentine card in the page too:

Got this nice drawing in email : Always be prepared for the worst scenario when you give your heart away (I wish the art were not gender specific though).




sábado, 9 de febrero de 2008

Valentine Day and flowers

With Valentine Day in doorstep, it is time to look for a nice gift. Don't fall behind in the game of love. St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so start thinking about buying some gifts before it's too late.

We generally express our love for each other by means of gifts, of which flowers play a prominent role. In fact, it is said that flowers and chocolates are so essential that those gifts would be taken for granted if presented, yet will be noticed if not presented.

Aside from flowers and chocolate, what else can you give your love? The answer is simple; just think about anything he/she has mentioned over the past few weeks, or get her something that relates to his/her hobbies and interests. The key is to prove that you put some thought into him/her gift.

Tattoo your vaccine

A tattoo, or dermal pigmentation, is a mark made by inserting pigment into the skin for decorative or other reasons. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification, while tattoos on animals are most commonly used for identification or branding.
That is what wikipedia has to say about tattoos. Looks like the defination needs to be modified soon. A recent study suggest that injecting DNA-containing vaccines with a tattoo gun is far more effective than the way human vaccines are now delivered. Visit Yahoo Health for further details. (photo: Dennis Mojado)

The use of tattoo injections, coupled with the ability to rapidly produce large quantities of a vaccine, might prove extraordinarily valuable in a situation such as a threatened terrorist attack, where a sudden need arises for large amounts of an effective vaccine.


jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

Some cool ads

Ads are supposed to be distributed and I am doing it here... for FREE... I hope the creator of the ads won't mind. They really are nice ones.

Looks like the friend who sent them to me are collected from bestadsonly.com.
There are more ads:








Drunk man threatened city with TV remote

As an example on how scared people are these days, a drunken man's threat to blow up half a city with his television remote control forced Australian police to declare a state of emergency at a luxury golf resort.
Geoffrey Martin Fryatt, 57, a resident of the Fairways Golf and Lifestyle Retreat in Brisbane, was arrested by elite paramilitary police after terrifying neighbors with a knife and threatening to detonate a store of chemicals with the TV remote.
"One push of the button will blow up half of Brisbane," Fryatt shouted in the standoff last May before police in the Queensland state capital opened fire with rubber bullets.
Fryatt's lawyer told the Brisbane District Court that his client lost control after losing much of his life savings in a fraud carried out by his finance broker, local media said.
"People are genuinely scared of sudden explosions," the judge said, sentencing Fryatt to a year's probation. "Frightening members of the public with threats of bombs and bomb hoaxes has a much greater impact than it once did," she said.
Fryatt accepted probation, but said he was concerned it could interrupt plans to travel overseas to do humanitarian aid work, the Brisbane Times newspaper reported.
"Let's get you right before we send you off to a third world country," the judge said.(Reuters)


sábado, 2 de febrero de 2008

New tech usage ranking for 2008

The United States, Sweden and Japan topped a new ranking that measures how well countries use telecommunications technologies; networks, cell phones and computers; to boost their social and economic prosperity.
The ratings for "innovation driven economies" measured in the study, scale 1-10 are:

JAPAN 6.80
ITALY 3.85
SPAIN 3.56
Following are indexes for "efficiency and resource driven economies", scale 1-10, but not comparable with indexes for innovation-driven economies.
CHINA 3.42
INDIA 1.68
Source: Reuters


Microsoft overtaking Yahoo and Flickr Users

In response to the Microsoft's wish to purchase Yahoo for $44.6bn, Yahoo and its other sites' users express dissatisfaction. Most evident were the photographic presentation of users of Flickr.

Yahoo! seems like dead. The funeral will cost Microsoft 44.6$ bn. And seeing as I don't want my photos on "Microsoft flickr", maybe it's time to move on to Google's Picasa. Eoow! :-(((( View large I HATE MICRO$OFT

That was what Anthony Sigalas says. It is interesting to read user-created group on the site is called ?Microsoft, keep your evil grubby hands off our Flickr.? too.
I won't say anything about it but some of the images posted in the site are interesting enough:








Hard lesson to purse snatchers

Looks like a couple of suburban St. Louis purse snatchers picked the wrong women to attack. The victims fought back with a snow shovel to leave the suspect requiring staples to close the gash in his head (see photo).
One of the women grabbed a shovel from the suspects' pickup and smacked one of the men upside the head. The other woman jumped into the cab and attacked the other suspect, then grabbed the keys so he couldn't drive away.
Brave women!
Police tell News 4 that they still remain stunned about the heroics two tiny women used to battle back.

Authorities say they do not want to see victims putting themselves into danger like this case, but fortunately it worked out for the two women. (news 4)
Well well !

Screen shot of TV news shows suspects John Murray and Corey Brown in the picture below.