miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2007

World's Largest Advertisement

People love setting new records. Some set records for fun and others for business. This massive hoarding board measuring 20,000 square meters: equivalent to the size of three football pitches is to be installed in fields near Heathrow Airport.
You sure won't see it when you drive there. The but the entrepreneur Paul Jenkins and his company, Ad Air. Advertisers say that the people from outer space will be able to see the ads (and buy your products!) if you have something to offer them. Actually the board will be targeted to the air passenger (window side only, poor aisle passengers) who will be able able to see the ads for a mere 20 seconds.

I guess, the government should make sure that the ads are not too much interesting. If they are really interesting and people love to see it, they might risk the plane to topple as everybody might crowd towards the window! (well, that is only my wild guess! :)
It is another story that Ad Air. Advertisers will have to pay about £500,000 a year for each of the three poster sites near Heathrow, which is used by 67 million air passengers a year. (via | news)

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