jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2007

Horse race - Playing to win - Won by losing

A Puerto Rican racehorse has set a new record and it is not about winning but a losing record. The wednesday's loss got her $12,971 by beating the losing record of 0-124 set by Australian racehorse Ouroene, who raced from 1976-83.

Dona Chepa, a 9-year-old brown mare, finished last in a six-horse field at Camarero Racetrack in eastern Puerto Rico on Wednesday, a 125th consecutive loss that is believed to be the longest in horse racing history.

Since Valentine's Day in 2001, when she started her racing journey, the closest she came to victory was in May 2003 when she finished second. (AP)

Losing can also be rewarding sometimes!!

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