sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2007

Canada: Burka allowed for voting

I don't usually talk about religion and faith but after reading today's news about new Canadian regulation on voting I thought of writing something. The move might reinforce Canada's multi-cultural and multi-ethnic image. But does it do justice in personal freedom? That too when women in Islamic countries are demanding freedom of dress and behavior for women in the Islamic society.

In some Islamic countries women are not allowed to vote and that does not mean Canada needs to follow them to make some people happy.
Under the new regulations, the voter --presumably a woman wearing a niqab or burka -- will need to present a valid piece of identification with a photo and address as well as a back-up document that meets the standards of an authorized list. (news source)
A photo identification? Why is that required if you can't see the face to verify it?

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  1. This one issue is certainly creating a lot of debate. I personally think we are taking religion a bit too far.