miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2007

Second affair with each other led to divorce

"Sweetie" and "Prince of Joy" in an online chatroom, spent hours telling each other about how they dislike their spouses. They were in love and went in a date only to realize that they had already met and in fact they were living together.
Sana Klaric, 27, and her husband Adnan, 32, didn't realize they were chatting each other up on the internet. Now when they met, they are accusing each other of being unfaithful and are divorcing.
Adnan is quoted as saying: "I still find it hard to believe that Sweetie, who wrote such wonderful things, is actually the same woman I married and who has not said a nice word to me for years".
Sana had the similar feeling, "I thought I had found the love of my life. The way this Prince of Joy spoke to me, the things he wrote, the tenderness in every expression was something I had never had in my marriage."
If it were a film or a book, the couple would realize they have more in common the would have lived Happily Ever After.
Were they missing something in their marriage that they could find in the chat? Are all online chat-affairs like that?

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  1. They should have been on computers in different rooms playing with each other. But they probably believed that there was something wrong with playing within marriage in the first place. And, of course, it could just have been that whole "grass is always greener" fantasy. And it's just that...a fantasy. Flirting and teasing is one thing. But crossing the line like that just gets you burned. It's a sad story.