domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2007

Waves of recall

Is it the manufacturers that are undermining the consumer's health and safety or is it just the alertness of the monitoring agencies? News are flooded with news of recalls.

Today, Transport Canada is recalled three brands of car seats: Cosco, Eddie Bauer, and Safety 1st car seats have a strap that can loosen, and jeopardize a child if there's an accident. (CTV, sept 2)

Canada recalls Lead-filled Chinese pencils (AFP, Sept 2)

Toys 'R' Us recalls paint sets from China (AFP, Aug 31)
US company recalls fresh spinach over salmonella contamination (AP, Sept 1)
Well, it might be a higher cost for some businesses and opportunities for other businesses as Quebec toymaker, Bojeux, says that the recall of Chinese-made products will have consumers opting for Canadian-made goods. (CanWest news)
I was wondering are recalls enough for the consumers? Comments please.

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