jueves, 11 de octubre de 2007

Stole bible, got another after being sentenced

This guy is a thief, but a religious one I guess. He wanted to replace his old bible and landed in a jail.
The Singaporean man got four months in jail for stealing the Bible. The district judge Bala Reddy however presented a new Bible to the 26-year-old thief, who said he had tried to steal the book from a bookshop last month because he wanted to replace his old, tattered copy.

"You will see at page 65 that it says "Thou shalt not steal. While you are in prison, sit in prison and read the Bible, and ensure that you don't come before the courts again," Reddy said.(Reuters)

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  1. Lorla
    I lost my old leather cover bible which I had a lot of notes in it several years ago. I love my old, torn and tattered bible because I had had used it for a while. This young man is different from me I guess. Some bibles can be very costly. I know of a missionary who works in Bolivia. He shared some people are so poor that they cannot even afford a bible. So they did steal. Some of us have several bibles. We give to many who reject. Yet there are others who are so hungry for the Word.