sábado, 6 de octubre de 2007

Japan: Watch movie for free - if you don't like it

Most of the retailers these days offer "No question asked" return policies. A Hiroshima movie theater is trying out similar concept for movie goers - ?If you didn?t like it, don?t pay?. It is a bit weird and I don't think it is same as the return policy.
Cinema Mode are expecting customers who felt satisfied with the movie to pay 1000 yen or more, those who thought it was so-so around 800 yen and those who were not satisfied 500 yen or less - even not paying a single yen, if you thought the movie was a complete waste of time. The project is however rather small-scale: it will only be carried out once every second month, if the debut screenings go well. (JNR)
It sure is a step towards consumerism and I hope it will be a success and others follow similar concepts too.

The new concept will be tried out on Oct. 13 and 16. They however show only movies they haven?t screened before and sorry, no plans to offer the blockbusters for free.

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