lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

Deal of a Lifetime - Offering Cash Back to Home Buyer

The housing market may be hot on its Northern neighbor but US housing market is not so favorable. A Pittsburgh-area couple, Bob and Ricki Husick have been trying to sell their home for almost a year without any luck. Now they are offering anyone who buys their home full cash-back upon their death and even their full inheritance, currently worth at least $500,000.
Bob Husick said he's asking $399,900 for the four-bedroom, three and a half bath home about 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. According to the Husicks' offer, the buyer would get the money back when the couple dies. And if the buyer agrees to care for them in old age, they could also inherit their retirement home in Arizona, bringing the estate's current value to about $500,000. (CBS)
I wish somebody offer such a deal in Canada!

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