miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2007

Car seat saved a kid in plane crash

Three-year-old, Kate was lucky enough to survive a plane crash near Golden, B.C. all because her grandfather, who died flying the aircraft, had carefully strapped her into a child's car seat.

Rescue crews found the upside-down plane on the edge of an icy riverbank with its nose buried in snow. Kate had been hanging by her seat's straps for about five hours, with minor injuries.
She didn't want to leave the plane without her stuffed penguin, but was concerned when she saw it was covered in snow. "We picked it up and I handed it to her, but she said, 'No, no, I don't want it, snow,'" said Sat. Scott Ellison of the 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron. "I had to brush it off before she would take it. Then she was happy and clung to it."
She was first taken to the Alberta Children Hospital in Calgary for treatment and later transported to Edmonton to be reunited with her family on October 29, 2007.

Williams, the CEO and founder of an engineering firm, had traveled to B.C. for a business retreat with the company's chief financial officer, Steven T. Sutton, who was also killed in the accident. (ctv)

A picture taken in 2006 shows shows the girl, Kate Williams, smiling broadly in a toy car with her grandfather, Allen D. Williams. (CP / Nancy and Sheldon Williams)

Car seats DO save lives!!

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  1. You wouldn't believe how long ive been googling for something like this. Browsed through 6 pages of Yahoo results without finding anything. One search on Bing. There you are!... Really have to start using it more often!