jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

No more a 'do-call' list ?

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission started its do-not-call list last September. I was so happy about it and registered in it right away. But the unwanted marketing calls kept on coming. I warned some of them and ignored many. I did complain about some callers. But nothing happened. We started calling it a do-call list and life went on as usual. I was not alone and everybody was receiving such calls. A consumer watchdog report even warned that registering in the list would invite more such calls.

Better late than never, it was a relief to hear that CRTC has woken up and started nabbing the violators. In the news release, the CRTC has said that it has fined Rob Sugar $4,000 and that it has also issued $10,000 fines to Roofing by Peerless Mason Ltd. and Waterproofing by Peerless Mason Inc.

Watch out telemarketers! CRTC is after you. Companies that call persons registered on the do-not-call list can be fined up to $15,000 per call while individuals can be charged $1,500 per call.

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