viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

Microsoft’s Photoshop (or, is it a MS Paint?) blunder

Microsoft?s Photshop blunder on a Polish website caused uproar on racism and carelessness costing them an apology. The black man had his head removed and replaced by a white man. The designer forgot to replace the hand of the black man. The Asian on the left was lucky enough not to be doctored.
Microsoft realized its mistake and corrected it by replacing the photo with the original. But some people were quick enough to notice the haste by which they changed the photo ? the text spilled out of the text box ? which was corrected afterward.
Do you think the photo looks good enough?
Well,  the monitor doesn?t have a power or video chord connecting it to the CPU. May be MS has come up with wireless technology for power supply.
The laptop looks more like a Mac minus a logo than a PC. Yes, Photoshop can do wonders with a logo.
Why on earth they couldn?t have an actual keyboard while doing the photo session? At least that would help the lady to position her hand properly on the keyboard.
Somebody came with another photo in which Microsoft changed a Macbook to a PC Laptop, back in 2005.
Original Photo with a Macbook:

MS changed the photo with a grey laptop:

Well, Microsoft is not alone in such Photoshop blunders. Many advertisements have such blunders and there is a nice site featuring 100s of such blunders.

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