lunes, 5 de marzo de 2007

Free Canadian Personal Income Tax Software

It is tax filing time again.... I always hate this thing. But there no way I can avoid it. You have to file it anyway; weather you like it or not.
For income tax preparation and filing, there are a number of software available in market : Quick Tax, ufile and so on.... Some are highly priced others are reasonably priced but they are priced for sure.
If you want something less expensive, or rather free, check out StudioTax.

StudioTax is a windows based bilingual personal Income Tax preparation software made by Canadians for Canadians. This software is made available for Canadian Taxpayers for personal use only.
StudioTax is distributed using a flexible licensing model. No license key or registration is required to download, install and use StudioTax. After you use StudioTax and you find it useful, we ask that you take the time to make a modest monetary contribution toward the support of this product.
They don't yet support Netfile, but they are getting the software certified with the Canada Revenue Agency.
Enjoy and get your copy at this link : StudioTax Canadian Personal Income Tax Software.
Here is the screenshot:

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  1. It is netfile certified. A good product. I use it and recommend my friends use it as well.

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