lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

Mac Notebook Theft: Happy Ending

In what appears like a sci-fi movie scene a woman could catch her laptop thieves with the help of a webcam and remote access software.

It is reported that the victim logged on to her computerremotely using the Back to My Mac program and discovered that someone was shopping online with her computer. She activated the Webcam and waited for the guys to appear in front of the monitor. When the suspected thieves appear infront of the laptop she took photos of them and turned them over to the White Plains Police Department. Police arrested to two men, Edmon Shahikian of Katonah and Ian Frias of the Bronx. Police said they retrieved about $5,000 worth of electronics, including two laptops, two flat-screen televisions, two iPods, gaming equipment, and DVDs taken from the victim's home. (news source)
The laptop owner played spy on the thief and was able to assemble a full profile of information on the stolen laptop user as he signed into a hookup sites, read his Gmail messages and shopped in eBay. She discovered his birth date, mother?s maiden name, email address, Comcast IP address, and were able to use Photo Booth to take a snapshot that was clear enough to read the lettering of his tattoos.

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