jueves, 1 de mayo de 2008

Ambulance sent to wrong city, thanks to VoIP

An ill-fated toddler's aunt in Calgary, Canada called 911 because the kid was having trouble breathing, an ambulance was dispatched to a suburb of Toronto some 3500km away causing Elijah Luck, only 18 months old, to die.
Reason: They were using their Internet-based phone, and were connected with the phone company's contracted call centre in Ontario. The call centre did contact emergency services but not in the right location.
The Calgary EMS had an ambulance at the Luck family home in under six minutes when a neighbour eventually called 911 from a land-based line but it was already too late.
Calgary EMS and Comwave, the VoIP service provider, arestill investigating but the family says what happened to them should be a lesson for anyone that uses Internet phone services, called voice-over-Internet-protocol technology (or VoIP). (CTV)

Nobody fails to praise the recent development in communication. It is one of the major factor for the journey towards the Global Village. VoIP has taken over every aspects of our life. But will this unfortunate incident teach the service providers some lesson? Only the future will tell.

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