viernes, 25 de abril de 2008

Simple Tips - how to zzz...zzz

Tension, competition and day to day hassles have caused people to loose sleep and wake up early. Have you tried and tried to sleep all night and woke up the next day tired, cranky and unproductive? If that is you, you have to know that studies suggest - not getting adequate sleep can increase your risk for heart disease and depression, and can even cause weight gain.

You might say "I can't help it!"

But 'where there is will there is way' too. Why don't you try these simple tips:

No mobile phones before sleep

Researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit not to talk in your cell phone before bed. They found that people who were exposed to the slight radiation that emanates from cell phones took longer to fall asleep and spent less time in the deep stages of slumber.

Sleep prepared, get cozy

Make it dark - draw the blinds.
Block out distracting sounds - turn on a fan or a soothing CD of nature noises.
Swapping ordinary bedroom bulbs for yellow ones can help you feel more tranquil as you're getting ready to nod off.
Treat yourself to a cozy new comforter or put flowers on your nightstand - things that motivate you to go to bedroom.

Say Thanks

I am not that religious and even an atheist can take two minutes to reflect on the things one is grateful for. Practicing grateful thinking makes people more optimistic and going to sleep with happy thoughts help in sleeping more soundly.

That's it!

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