domingo, 13 de abril de 2008

'April Fool' T-shirt on sale for real

It was an April Fools prank but thanks to numerous calls to make the joke a reality, a technology company has been forced to make it a reality.

First, look the prank video ThinkGeek made about the T-shirt that was 'on sale' on the website for $39.99 and offered wearers the chance to play a soundtrack to their lives using an integrated speaker on the front of the shirt.Embedded Video And now the company has decided to put the joke into production following what it calls "overwhelming positive response and hundreds of e-mails screaming to 'make the damn shirt already'". It says it will be looking to unleash the product on the world "asap" but warns that its "army of robotic factory monkeys are a bit slow, and it might take them some time to make the real version of this nifty product". ThinkGeek also admits that the "final version might deviate slightly in appearance, features or price" from the April Fool product but urges interested buyers to get in touch. (metro)
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