lunes, 28 de enero de 2008

Tantric Master - New Ice Record of 72 hours

To break his own this man, who calls himself a Tantric Master, stood on a Manhattan street in a clear container filled with ice for an hour and 12 minutes.

Wim Hof, 48, told that he survives in the ice by controlling his body temperature through tantric meditation. It was in 2004 Hof set the world record for full body ice contact endurance by immersing himself in ice for an hour and eight minutes.

The Dutch man, commonly nicknamed Iceman, holds nine world records including a world record for longest ice bath. In 2007, he attempted, but failed, to climb Mt. Everest in shorts. It is told that he has plans another attempt in 2008.

Hof claims Tantra, an Eastern tradition of ritual and meditation, is behind his extraordinary performance. (CBS)

On March 16, 2000 Hof swam 57.5 m. (188.6 ft.) under three feet of an ice lake near the Finnish village of Kolari, deep inside the Arctic Circle. Using no special equipment, he wore only swim shorts and a pair of goggles! Here is the video of his adventure:


BBC's interview with Wim Hof and physiologist Dr George Havenith on 13th March, 2002 might be of some interest too.
Hof's website

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