martes, 29 de enero de 2008

Magazine saved the day for a Mayor without ID

A West Virginia mayor was detained for a short time after trying to use an expired driver's license to board the plane. Charleston Mayor Danny Jones's was in a trip to California when the incident occurred.
He came with an idea to show a locally produced magazine, with his picture inside identifying him as the mayor of Charleston, before officials would finally let Jones fly back home.

"I think that magazine may have saved the day," Jones said.
Jones lost track of his driver's license two weeks ago while preparing for a trip to Seal Beach. (dailymail)
The guards at John Wayne Airport in Orange County searched his bag, he told the Charleston Daily Mail for a story published Monday. Then he remembered picking up a copy of Charleston Magazine while on his way to the West Coast for a little rest and relaxation. Inside was a photograph of him standing in downtown Charleston and an article Jones had written as mayor welcoming visitors to the state capital. (Photo)

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