domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2007

Newlyweds - strange celebration

If you are newly-wed you might want to party, walk around hand-in-hand, spend your time talking romance, or something more romantic things.

But not this couple, Jeanie Dulski and Jamy Knittle, think something else is more romantic. First, they got married at Hazleton Municipal Airport, then after about 45 minutes they were flying at a height of 10,000 feet and leaped out. Yes, they think skydiving is more romantic!
Dulski thinks "Getting married is scarier than jumping out of a plane."
Scariest thing is that it was the first skydive for Dulski (although the marriage was second) and Knittle had skydived only once before.
It sure is a strangest marriage ceremony! (news)

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  1. Im the bride who jumoed from the plane and I dont think it was strange at all.. We did hold hands and have a romantic dinner on our honeymoon but we wanted to do something amazing the day of our wedding.. something we will never forget and Im glad we did.... Im just not so sure why our story is all over the internet but I do find it funny and now my family in Ca has been able to see us and read all about our big day....So thanks for making our day a bid day for everyone lol Jeanie Knittle