viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2007

Fake Coca-Cola in the fountains

What would you do if the taste of fountain drinks doesn't corrosponds to the label it carries? Restaurants buy Coke and other soft drinks in the form of syrup, which is converted to its drinkable form when dispensed through a carbonated water machine. Coke syrup costs more and if you can buy something similar in half the price who knows? Well, this is not always true though.

Fountain drink supplier Cecil Donald St. Pierre, 69, is charged with conspiracy, trafficking in counterfeit goods, mislabeling a food product and operating a food processing plant without federal registration. He however denies federal charges that he pitched generic syrup as 'real thing' to restaurants.
St. Pierre, who operates Cecil's Fine Syrup in Oak Park, denied the charges and complained federal officials had unfairly shut down his business. He was released pending a preliminary hearing Monday.

St. Pierre said outside court he uses Coke boxes but puts his own labeling on top. His customers "know it's not Coke," St. Pierre told The Detroit News. "I'm charging $31 a box, compared to $60 a box for Coke."

St. Pierre said he will be represented by his son, attorney Cecil St. Pierre Jr., a former Warren city councilman.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration began receiving complaints about "off-taste" Coke products in the Detroit area in 2004, according to an agent's affidavit attached to the complaint. (Detroit news)
Well, he uses Coke boxes and assumes his customers - may be the retailers - know it is not coke! What about the consumer? What an argument!

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