viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2007

Tough Toddler - Survived a 20 Feet Fall

What would happen if you fall 20 feet, out of a third-floor window?

Well, this toddler who crawled out a third-floor window during his family's Thanksgiving festivities and fell onto a store roof not only survived _ he didn't even break a bone.
Brandon Priebe said his 14-month-old son, Bradley, tumbled from a bedroom window in his aunt's Brooklyn apartment on Thursday. His relatives said they thought the window was closed. (CBS)
Bradley fell about 20 feet onto the roof of a music store next door, police said. Priebe told police that his son wasn't seriously injured in the fall. The boy was in stable condition later Thursday at a local hospital, where no update on his condition was available early Friday.

Anna Priebe the boy's mother believes it is a miracle!

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  1. i saw this story on yahoo! news i believe and i was utterly amazed! how in the world does a toddler survive such a fall!? i know that 20 feet is not far to fall, but for a toddler that may not have a sense of height, it may be a totally different story; they are not cats that are likely to land on their feet.

    it's truly a miracle.
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  2. How stupid can you be? Since when does the word "feets" exist?

  3. Octavian, thanks for pointing the typo.