viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2007

Cellphones to provide traffic maps

In a down-to-the-earth approach, Canadian in near future will be able to access traffic jams information from the Cellphones of motorists.
It is told that by February 2008 a new service called LiveTraffic will be launched to provide realtime data for traffic flow of highways and major streets.
A traffic information firm, IntelliOne, based in Atlanta and Toronto, announced that it has reached an agreement with Rogers Wireless to use the company's data on the location of the cellphones in its network to create a real-time map of traffic congestion across Canada. Unlike the GPS technology, this system will be able to analyze the constant stream of cell phone information travelling through the Rogers network.
Looks like if Telus people organize a motor rally it won't create a traffic jam in the LiveTraffic system. :) I hope they will get data from all the other providers so that the information obtained will be more reliable.
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  1. Eagerly waiting for this service. It will be useful for me as I won't be late anymore to meet people. ;-)

  2. I am waiting for this service too :)