jueves, 21 de junio de 2007

Most hated internet words includes 'Blog'

Have you ever felt like banging your head on your keyboard when you see dumb words while surfing? British pollsters YouGov questioned some 2,091 adults earlier this month to find out which are the most detested words going around in internet.
In a news release by yahoo news quoting AFP, "blog" is the third most hated word among internet community (I don't believe in it though!).
'Folksonomy', a term for a web classification system topped the list of most hated word followed by 'blogosphere', the collective name for blogs or online journals. 'wiki', a collaborative website edited by its readers got the tenth position.
Ten most hated words in their order:
* Folksonomy
* Blogosphere
* Blog
* Netiquette
* Blook
* Webinar
* Vlog
* Social Networking
* Cookie
* Wiki
via: yahoo news | ars technica
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  2. But most of the words are just generally RECOGNIZABLE internet terms that most people know, therefore they get high rankings. This guy needed to exchange the word "love" with "hate" in the study for half of the 2000+ participants in order to see how much correlation there was. If there was a high correlation, that would mean that most people were just saying the few terms they were familiar with and knew were "internet" terms.