sábado, 16 de junio de 2007

Canada: Still in the Stone Age of wireless Telecommunication

Cell phone bills are really a headache in this part of the world. Everytime I want to call somebody I have to calculate the remaining free-minutes in the plan. I can't afford not having a landline!
To backup my everyday feelings, a recent analyst report calls Canada?s mobile phone adoption rate ?a national disgrace?.
SeaBoard Group report, Lament for a Wireless Nation states that the average wireless customer in Canada pays 56% more than his U.S counterpart.
Canadian wireless penetration is 58%, second last in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries and 20 percentage points behind the United States.

... Canada is a wireless telecommunications backwater whose citizens pay more money for fewer features, and some argue that our slow adoption of true next-generation high-speed wireless data networks has cost the country billions in lost productivity and opportunity.
I believe on SeaBoard's belief that relatively high cell phone prices in Canada suppress demand for wireless services.
I wish I could update this post with some good news soon !!!
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  1. 20 years!
    I am sorry vnrozier, I wouldn't have cared about the price at that time.. I was simply too young to care.
    Thanks for the information.