martes, 7 de abril de 2009

What is your national flower - 4

This is the continuation of National flowers series that I started sometimes last year. I was too busy to continue posting remaining flowers. The countries are selected in alphabetical order and I have to continue after Canada. China  -  doesn't have an ?official? national flower but tree peony (mudan) is considered national favorite.   Chile   -  Copihue, Lapageria Rosea Colombia   -   Christmas orchid (Cattleya trianae) Costa Rica   -    Guaria Morada (purple orchid) Croatia   -  Iris Croatica (Hrvatska Perunika) Cuba  -   Butterfly Jasmine (Mariposa) Cyprus   -  Rose (Rosa) Czech Republic  -   Rose (Rosa) I will update this post later with photos of remaining flowers later.

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