jueves, 17 de julio de 2008

In a 101-list aboriginal Canadians voted 102

A government sponsored list of 101 things that most define Canada missed the most Canadian thing -- aboriginals.

The list was commissioned by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Dominion Institute.

Number one in the list is the maple leaf followed by Vimy Ridge and Queen Elizabeth. The Canadian Flag made it to #4.
Over 2,000 Canadians as well as educators and Order of Canada recipients from coast to coast participated. The result is a ranked list of 101 people, places, symbols, events and innovations that respondents believe define our country.
Well, looks like none of the 2000 participants realized that the aboriginal Canadians were important enough to be included in the list. They have set up a site to to ask people "What is missing?" in which general public can cast a vote for #102. That was how aboriginal Canadians were voted 102. People also want Canada "Eh?" in the list. More recommendation are listed here.

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