domingo, 29 de junio de 2008

iPhone launch in Canada - nothing much to celebrate

When Rogers revealed specifics for the services plans for the upcoming iPhone 3G this Friday many Canadians were not happy.

But why?
Rogers has set a mandatory three-year contract. O2 offers an 18-month contract and throws in the iPhone for free and AT&T has a two-year contract. In the U.S., AT&T offers 450 minutes of voice, unlimited data and 200 SMS messages. But Rogers thinks Canadian don't even deserve that.
$60: 150 minutes of calls, with unlimited evenings and weekends; 400 MB of data; 75 sent SMS messages, with unlimited incoming text messages and visual voicemail messages.$75: 300 minutes of calls, 750 MB data and 100 sent SMS messages.$100: 600 minutes of calls with 1 GB of data and 200 sent SMS messages.$115: 800 minutes of calls, 2 GB of data and 300 sent SMS messages.There is nothing like "unlimited data" to Canadians for whatever amount they pay!

People are really angry and James Hallen has started a petition at James is planning to send the online petition to Rogers on July 11th, the day the iPhone 3G is available, and also to send a letter to Steve Jobs. The letter was drafted when there were nearly 6,000 petitions which is a fraction of the current 15,664 number at the time of writing this post.

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