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Adbrite Tutorial

I found a small piece of text about AdBrite. It might be usefull for those who are just starting to use it.
AdBrite basicsAdBrite is a site like Google Adsense where you can buy or sell advertisements. This text will focus on the latter: selling advertisements. After registering at the site, you can set up your zones. The more information you fill in, the more chance advertisers will buy ads on your site. After setting up your zone, you can retrieve the html code and insert it into your website. There are two types of ads that can appear on your site.

1) Network adsThese are ads that appear on all (well, not all, but on a lot of) websites in the AdBrite network. Sometimes you will see only one, when at other moments, you will see several of these. It depends on the amount of traffic you're getting I assume.
The payout per click varies and I think the minimum is $0.04/click.
2) Direct ads
These are ads that people buy on your site specifically and they won't appear on any other sites. It's specific to one of the zones you created. It's also at the price that you set. When people buy ads on your site, you will receive an email notification and you can accept/reject the ad link.
There are 3 ways an advertiser can buy a direct ad on your site :
- By clicking the "Your Ad Here" link at the bottom of your AdBrite banner zone (if you didn't remove it)
- By browsing the list of publishers on AdBrite.com
- By calling AdBrite over the phone, but I don't think many people do that
PayoutUnfortunately, AdBrite only pays by check once a month (last Thursday) and uses a net60 payment system. This means it will take 60 days before the money earned from sold ads can be requested for payout.
For example: Suppose someone buys a 30 days ad on your site for $100, which starts on January 1. It runs for a month and ends on January 30. The $100 can be requested for payout 60 days later, on March 31. If that's not a Thursday, the check will be sent on the last Thursday of April.
So for those that can't wait a few months before money starts coming in, AdBrite is not the right program.
Hints to earn more with AdBrite
Here are some suggestions that can help you earn more money with AdBrite. They may not be perfect, but they work for me.
Because Network ads don't appear at all times, I think it's better to have as much direct ads as possible (almost constant daily income at your own prices). If you go to 'Manage Your Zones' on AdBrite and click 'View/Edit Your Listing' for your main zone, you will see the form that other people see when they want to buy ads on your site. The prices behind the different products are very important if you want to sell. You can set these prices by clicking 'Manage Products' on the 'Manage Your Zones' page.
If you move your mouse over the different zones on the 'View/Edit Your Listing' page, you will see the 'Avg CPC' or 'Average Cost Per Click' for that product. In my experience, $0.02 and $0.03 are the best prices per click, but $0.04 sells good too. Because you can't set the 'Avg CPC' directly, you will have to play a bit with the price per product and check your listing page every time. To get a low 'Avg CPC', you will want to get a lot of clicks.
One tactic that works for me is to create a product in your zone that only lasts a few days and has a very low price (and an 'Avg CPC' of say $0.01 or $0.02 per click). Putting 'PROMO' in the product title is another hint. These will be sold relatively fast, resulting in more clicks on your site (because the ad is there constantly and it's probably more attractive to visitors than a Netword ad), resulting in a lower 'Avg CPC'. If this happens, you can raise the prizes of your products a bit and still have a good 'Avg CPC'. If nothing goes wrong, you will have steady prices and sales after a while.
Here are the products in my zone, with respective prices and 'Avg CPC' :
7-Day Text Link $10.00 Avg CPC: $0.09/click
14-Day Text Link $15.00 Avg CPC: $0.06/click
30-Day Text Link $25.00 Avg CPC: $0.05/click
PROMO: 4-Day Text Link $1.69 Avg CPC: $0.03/click
This setup works quite good for me, especially since I added the PROMO product. Surprisingly, the 7/14/30-Day Text Links sell good too since then. All my ad spots are sold out at the moment, making me around $8 to $9 per day, with 8.000 unique visitors per day.
As you can see, my 'Avg CPC' is quite high. If you have a lot of returning traffic, your 'Avg CPC' will increase slowly. The reason for this (I think) is because the direct ads are sold for a longer period and the returning visitors have seen it and will click less, in general. If this happens, you have to repeat the whole process.
Sometimes, people will buy 'recurring ads' on your site. This means that they will be restarted when the period ends. Theoretically forever, but the buyer can stop the recurring ads whenever he wants. These ads are good, because you don't have to worry about the empty ad spots as they generally stay on longer.
Active interstitials ad
AdBrite also has this new type of ad, called the interstitials ad. It's basically a full page ad that visitors see before they can reach another page on your site. The ad is only shown once to every visitor, but I still think it's bad for traffic.
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